Friday, 31 May 2013

Swap Challenge

At last I am excited to be able to share photos of our swap challenge with you all.
Here is how it worked, we had twelve players, each of us paired up with a partner and sent each other a small selection of our craft goodies.The idea was to create something unique for our partner, putting our own spin on the craft items we received.
First up, check out what Brenda sent Ngaere 
And Ngaere turned these into this amazing canvas that contains a concealed journal .....

In return Brenda created this stunning journal for Ngaere

Lainie has created a little treasure of a journal that tucks neatly away inside a matching box for Lynda
Amanda worked with Rachel's photo and craft items and has created a delightful layout. 
In return Rachel created this layout for Amanda. Amanda can now add a photo/s
My swap partner was Christine, I sent her this little bag of bits
Was thrilled with this beautiful layout.
 Love the way Christine has enhanced my brad with a clever twist of  tulle.
I made a little 'suitcase' for Christine
...with a journal
..and decorated container
How sweet is this! Beautiful work Danice, bet Karen loves this.
 In keeping with birds, Karen sent this stunning canvas to Danice.
 Donna was super busy, she has made an album
...and this amazing canvas.
...check out the detail. Wow
We still have a couple more photos to come, hope to add them very soon. Thank you so much ladies for taking part and making this swap possible.



Brenda said...

These are all absolutely stunning. Isn't it amazing how the partners have mostly made the same i.e, both done journals or both done layouts.....freaky.

Sonya Pickles said...

LOL Yes Brenda, it is quite hard case isn't it!

Memories by Manda said...

Wow! Fantastic work ladies.

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